How to Recover Data from USB Drive?

"Hi, today when I was transferring few important files from USB drive to the computer, suddenly because of power failure my computer got turned off. When I turned on the computer, files which I selected for transferring were missing from USB flash drive. I don't want to lose those important files. Please, anyone help me to get back data from portable USB drive."

USB drives (Universal Serial Bus) is one of the portable storage devices that stores images, audio files, video footages, PPTs, documents, etc. Nowadays, USB drives have replaced Floppy disks and CDs which were used earlier to store and access data. USB flash drives became popular for its several features like small size, a high capacity, more durability and reliability. It also enables easy accessing of data by just plugging them with the computer. However, like other portable devices, USB flash drives are also not immune to data loss. In several instances one as described above, you might end up losing files from portable USB drives. But, no need to worry as you can retrieve data from a portable USB drive using the Portable Drive Recovery tool. This restoration program can effectively recover the portable USB drive data without missing a single file.

Situations that cause data loss from the Portable USB Drives:

Other than the above-mentioned situations, there may be several reasons that cause data loss from a portable USB drive. If you have lost data from USB flash disk due to any of the reasons then stop worrying as it can be easily recovered with the help of third-party tool. One of the best recovery tools available in the market to get back lost or deleted files from USB drives is Portable drive recovery.

Remarkable features of the Portable Drive Recovery utility:

Steps to recover data from USB drive:

Step 1: Install the demo version of this application and connect USB drive to your computer. Run the software and now select Recover Drives option from the main screen.

How to Undo Delete File in Removable Disk - Main screen

Step 2: In the next screen, among listed drives choose portable USB drive from where you want to retrieve lost / deleted data and select Proceed option to start with portable USB drive data recovery process.

How to Undo Delete File in Removable Disk - Select Removable Drive

Step 3: Now, the restoration utility starts scanning USB drive, after the scanning process is over you can view recovered files as shown in below figure.

How to Undo Delete File in Removable Disk - View Recovered Files

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