• Compatible tool to restore portable drive data on both Windows & Mac OS
  • Flexible to recover data from an USB drive, internal drives, FireWire Drives, SSD, memory stick, etc.
  • Supports vivid brands of HDD like Seagate, Toshiba, Iomega, Western Digital, etc.
  • Easy to use, simple interface and facilitates preview of recovered files before recovery
  • Robust tool to restore files of types like pictures, audio, video, documents and a lot more

A wide range of portable hard drives are avialable in the marketplace today. Many users make use of a portable external drive as a data backup media whilst others use it to store some essential data. Over the time, with usage users also come across certain problems or issues with the portable disk storage. The HDD can encounter data loss, errors or inaccessibility due to many reasons.

Some scenarios responsible for data loss in portable drive:

Incomplete Data Transmission: Suppose you want to move certain files to or from a portable disk. Any interruptions occurred during this file transfer operation will result in file loss.

Format Error: It also happens at times that as soon as you connect the external drive to a computer, it displays a message "The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now". With this message, if mistakenly you press "OK" then the entire drive data will be wiped.

Improper handling and human errors: Accidentally plugging out the portable disk during a read/write operation can also affect the data on the disk. The files could either go missing, inaccessible or turn RAW. Data can also get penalized with some human errors.

Defragmentation Failure: Defragmentation is the process of re-arranging the files and disk space into contiguous locations in order to reduce the disk space. If this process is incomplete or failed due to some errors then there are chances of files getting lost or erased.

Apart from these above-mentioned causes, there exist several other reasons where the data on the portable drive is threatened. At this point, it seems like it is not so easy to get back files that are lost from the disk unless you do not have a backup of the drive files. But no, it is still possible to restore files with a smart technique. The Portable Drive Recovery,is one amazing tool that scans the drive and gets you back all required files from it.

Notable features of portable drive recovery software:

  • Supports recovery of files after format and reformat of external USB drives.
  • Recover deleted files from a thumb drive, flash drives, SSD's, memory cards from different brands like Toshiba, Seagate, Hitachi, etc. quickly.
  • Supports Windows and Mac drive data recovery after deletion, formatting, repartitioning of large size external USB drive brands like Seagate Free Agent or Go Flex, Western Digital WD Passport, Kingston Wi Drive, Iomega eGo Portable & SSD flash etc.
  • Allows to easily save the recovered data on any other drive.
  • The application will restore data from the portable hard drive in a very limited time frame.
  • Supports 300 and more file types


Steps to be followed to recover data from portable hard drive:

Step 1: Connect your portable drive to the computer or laptop. Now, download and install demo version of Portable Drive Recovery software. Run the software, select "Recover Drives" from the main window to restore data from portable hard drive.

Portable Drive Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Select the connected portable hard drive from the list of logical drives and tap on "Next" button.

Portable Drive Recovery Software - Select Portable Drive

Step 3: Once scanning is over, you can preview recovered file in "FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW".

Portable Hard Drive Recovery - View in file type view

Precautionary steps to be followed to avoid loss in portable drive:

  • Do not eject portable drive while transferring files to your computer.
  • Use effective antivirus software to eliminate the virus.
  • Do not add anything to your portable hard drive once you confirmed that you lost data from it.
  • Keep your portable device in safe and secure place to avoid any data loss.

Recent Updates:

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How to Recover Data from RAW Pen Drive: Make use of portable drive recovery software to perform successful data recovery from RAW pen drive and restore all lost data back. This software is built with strong scanning algorithms that helps you out to recover data from RAW pen drive just within a couple of minutes. To know more details about the recovery process, visit this page: http://www.portabledriverecovery.com/data-from-raw-pen.html.

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Recover Data Damaged WD Passport: Have you lost your data from damaged WD Passport? Do you want to recover it back? If so then do not worry because you can easily retrieve data from damaged WD Passport with the aid of Portable Drive Recovery application. You can know more about this tool from this URL: http://www.portabledriverecovery.com/data-from-damaged-wd-passport.html

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Completely Wipe USB Flash Drive: If you want to permanently erase data from your flash drive then try out Remo MORE, it can easily and effectively wipe out data from your USB flash drive in just a short span of time.

How to Defrag Portable Hard Drive: Now you can defrag your portable hard drive easily with the help of Remo MORE tool which is capable of boosting up the speed of portable hard drives of different brands such as Maxtor, WD, Kingston and Hitachi by defragging them.

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