How to Completely Erase USB Flash Drive?

USB Flash drive is a useful data storage device which comes handy to take back up of valuable data. Since this is a portable storage drive, people prefer to use it to carry their important data from one computer to another. As USB flash drive areeasy to carry, there is a great chance that your USB drive may go missing or stolen. All the vital data saved on the USB flash drive might be exposed to external world and if it gets into some wrong hands, then they can misuse your data. Thus, you should always wipe out your USB flash drive once you have used it to carry your important data. If you are looking for a tool to completely wipe USB flash drive then Remo MORE is a tool that is capable enough to wipe out data from USB flash drive with ease.

What the advantages of wiping out data from USB flash drive?

There are many benefits that you get from completely wiping your USB flash drive. One of those, which is really useful is security of crucial data. Suppose you have borrowed your friend’s USB drive to copy sensitive data from your home computer to office computer. After accomplishing your task if you simply delete data from USB flash drive and return it to your friend, then chances of recovery of data from USB drive cannot be denied. If somehow your friend manages to recover deleted data from flash drive then you might face unexpected trouble. Hence, to avoid such type of situations it is good to completely wipe USB flash drive so that by no means, recovery of deleted data could be done.

Apart from this, if you are handing over your USB flash drive or selling it to the third party then also you have to completely wipe USB flash drive and it proves to be a good solution to protect your data. If your USB flash drive gets lost or misplaced, then data theft can be avoided if you have wiped out your USB flash drive.

How to completely erase USB flash drive?

If you are thinking how to permanently wipe out USB flash drive then do not worry you have come at right place. Here you will come to know about a tool which is famous as Remo MORE that can completely wipe USB flash drive data just within few simple steps. Remo MORE comes with special user interface that is designed by top quality software designers and help users to operate it with ease. It has a sophisticated algorithm which is capable to abolish data from your USB flash drive using the standard shredding pattern defined by industry expert. This tool is appreciated across the globe for its superb results. Remo MORE is recommended by many experienced software professionals as the best answer to the question how to completely erase USB flash drive data with ease. Thus, if you are thinking how to erase data from USB flash drive, then do not hesitate go ahead and download Remo MORE. It can answer all your questions on how to permanently wipe out USB flash drive. It is completely free of cost and made available on internet for downloading.

Simple steps to erase data from USB flash drive:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your computer and then launch it. From main screen, select “Manage” option and then from next window select “ Data Wipe” option as shown in figure 1.

Completely Wipe USB Flash Drive - Main screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now from this screen select “Drive Sanitizer” option and from next screen, select your connected USB Flash Drive and then click on Next button as shown in figure 2.

Completely Wipe USB Flash Drive - Select USB Flash Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Flash Drive

Step 3: After that from next screen select “Wiping Method” and click on Proceed option. After that you will get an alert message, click on Yes button to proceed as shown in figure 3.

Completely Wipe USB Flash Drive - Select Wiping Method

Figure 3: Select Wiping Method

Step 4: After that, Remo more will start wiping your USB flash drive as shown in figure 4.

Completely Wipe USB Flash Drive - Wiping USB Flash Drive

Figure 4:Wiping USB Flash Drive

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