Data Recovery from Mac Hard Drive

Portable drives are mostly used for data transfer between the Mac computers. It is portable and stores a large amount of data, this makes it the most preferred device for carrying data. But sometimes due to its frequent use for data transfer, it has a very high chances of getting corrupted very easily when shared on various computers or due to improper ejection. There could also be various other reasons for the portable drive getting corrupted which results in the inaccessibility of files present on the portable drive.

One of the major reason for the corruption of portable drive is improper unplugging from the Mac machine during file transfer, without using the eject option. There are also times when a harmful file could result in corruption of the portable drive. In this case, the infected file affects the other files present on the portable drive causing corruption to it. Then you need to restore USB hard drive.

The Portable Drive Recovery software is the perfect Mac data recovery software to restore deleted/lost/formatted data from a Macintosh drive. It uses non-destructive read-only data recovery mechanism to restore deleted files from a thumb drive with a neatly crafted user-interface so that a novice user can handle complex data recoveries successfully.

Factors responsible for loss in Mac drive:

Human Mistakes: Human error is the most frequent cause of a data loss of portable drive from the Mac drive. Mac drive data can be lost due to accidental deletion, emptying the Trash Bin unintentionally or accidental formatting.

Failed Disk Utility: Disk utility tools which come equipped with Mac OS X are meant for disk-related operations like verifying disk integrity, mounting of the hard drive, creation of disk images, formatting or partitioning of the hard drive etc. However, the disk utility may show some unexpected behavior sometimes. You may come across some error messages like “File System formatter failed” when you attempt to remove, modify or format a Mac OS X. The reasons may be Incompatibility of the disk utility with the disk partitioning scheme or the partitioning table is corrupted.

Failure of the external hard disk: There is certain scenarios external hard drive on Macintosh get affected leading to data loss.

Catalog file Corruption: Catalog files are used to access the data of an external hard drive on Mac OS X. The necessary information regarding each volume of the external hard drive of Mac is stored in the node of the respective catalog file. If the node of the catalog file is corrupted due to any reason then the entire volume becomes inaccessible to the user leading to data loss.

Precautions to be followed:

Features of Mac drive data recovery:

Steps to recover data from a Mac drive:

Step 1: Download and install a free demo version of Portable Drive Recovery software. After installation, select “RECOVER FILES” from the main window.

Portable Drive Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Select either “RECOVER DELETED FILES” or “RECOVER LOST FILES” from the next screen. Then select the drive from where you need to recover data. Now software starts scanning process.

Portable Drive Recovery - Select either recover deleted files or recover lost files

Step 3: Once scanning is over, you can view the list of a recovered data in “FILE TYPE VIEW/DATA VIEW”.

Portable Drive Recovery - View in file type view

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