How to Recover Data from USB Hard Drive

USB hard drives are the alternative external storage devices that are used to accumulate data and they mainly serve the purpose of backup storage. These USB drives come in different storage capacities ranging from a few megabytes to several gigabytes. USB drives which are also used as external hard drives are divided into different partitions to store a variety of digital information. USB hard drive is very popular these days because of its portable and ease of use.

If you delete data from a USB hard drive it will appear in your Recycle Bin of external hard drive till the moment that external hard drive is connected to the computer, the moment you disconnect the USB hard drive, the deleted data will be lost.

Data can also be lost due to formatting or reformatting from one file system to another. If you have lost data from your USB hard drive, then to recover it, you can use USB hard drive recovery tool. This USB drive recovery software is one of the most advanced portable drive recovery software with sophisticated algorithms which are capable to recover USB hard drive data in any simple or complex data loss situation. This software can also restore portable drive.

Data loss scenarios on the USB hard drive:

Power Surge: While saving your file on your system hard drive, if suddenly your PC gets switched off due to power fluctuations, this situation may lead to data loss from the external hard drive. In certain situation immediately choose some advanced file recovery tool to restore files from the USB hard drive successfully.

Interruption of the file transfer: You may transfer files from USB hard drives to the computer to have more space on it to store new files. In such situations, if the file transfer is interrupted when some of the files may get deleted from the USB hard drive. You can retrieve deleted data from a thumb drive using the USB Drive Recovery software. This is one of the best software to effectively restore files from a USB hard drive or thumb drive of well-known brands.

Bad sector on USB hard drives: Bad sectors prevent you from accessing the data which is located in the neighboring sectors. Improper system shut down, old hardware, faulty drive or poor quality hardware, malware/spyware are the common reasons due to which bad sectors are created. At this stage, you need the help of a reliable file recovery tool to retrieve usb hard drive data.

USB Hard Drive Corruption: Sometimes external storage drives get corrupt due to different reasons like virus infection, improper ejection of the disk when file synchronization is in the process or Read/Write process in progress; file system corruption, etc. In order to use the corrupted drive any further, it must be formatted. Suppose a backup of files stored in corrupted drive is not available, then it leads to loss of data. Also, there are chances that your USB hard drive turns into RAW drive. For more details on how to retrieve data from RAW pen drive, go through this link:

Features of the USB hard drive recovery:

Steps to recover USB hard drive data:

Step 1: Connect that USB hard drive to your computer or laptop from where you want to recover the USB hard drive data. Now download and install a free demo version of USB hard drive recovery software. Run the software; now select “RECOVER PARTITIONS/DRIVES” from the main window.

Portable Drive Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Select either “FORMATTED/REFORMATTED RECOVERY” or “PARTITION RECOVERY” from the next screen. Then select the drive from where you need to restore files from a USB hard drive. Then the software starts scanning.

Portable Drive Recovery - Select either partition recovery or formatted / reformatted recovery

Step 3: Once scanning is over you can view the recovered file in the list of “FILE TYPE VIEW/DATA VIEW”.

Portable Drive Recovery - View in file type view

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